There was a lot of expenditure in the last couple of months. I moved to another apartment. (It was very much the right decision. I am no longer perched on a busy thoroughfare. Sleeping again!) I took the trip to see my best friend for my 30th birthday. There was a trip to the dentist. I signed up for a class that will advance my skillset in my field of work.

All good things. But that also means that progress as concerns debt, and the reason this blog exists, was not too impressive.

I'll give you the numbers then follow with my plan of attack for the remainder of 2018 and first of 2019.


1. Credit card Visa: $2133.62
2. CareCredit: $950
3. ConServe: $494.62
4. Amex Gold Card: $3125.00
5. Loan from Parents: $1300
6. Fedloan: $136693*

*not included in total paid down. 

total paid down: -72.42


1. BoA Savings: $1988.22
2. Acorns: $1158.83

total saved: -35.95

I suspected this, but writing this out now I have confirmation that I moved backwards. It's not a super great feeling. One recent expense that I won't go into here could have been completely avoided. And I know that I could better plan my meals so that I'm not dropping $15-$20 on lunch four times a week.

I'm trying to professionalize what I've been doing as a freelancer and leave bartending definitively behind. Which means that this month I have been applying to a lot of jobs, writing a lot of cover letters, meeting people in the industry for coffee (which I, of course, pay for). This month I have been especially motivated to advance in my career and grow with a company or agency. (Perhaps turning 30 has snapped me into Boss mode?) I've taken on a lot of work that, for the moment, is not paying (in the form of meetings, pitches, submissions) but have the potential to provide a large return and perhaps, even, let us pray, a salary.

Throughout the remainder of this month (and for as long as it takes really), my energy will be focused on increasing my income. Bartending to exhaustion is, and has been, only a short-term solution. I can't possibly address this debt making what I currently make.

Until that happens, and running on what little I have, I'm positioned to achieve some of, but not all of, the #GOALS that I indicated in my pilot post. I already have more than 1K in my Acorns portfolio. ConServe and CareCredit should be paid down completely by the first of the year.

Challenge time!

1. $650 paid down on Visa card.
2. Either a new job OR a new contract. (If both happens, well shit, bring it.)