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Problems in Publishing and my Less-than-Impressive Attempts to Save September 2019

One thing that disconcerts me when I look around at the tackling-debt blogosphere (are we still using that word) is how much we, as a collective body, have by and large decided to rise to the occasion of fiscal hardship by self-imposing various austerity measures (this is not... bad, like, of course all of us can better manage our money, and it's amazing to have a discussion that's hyperaware of the pitfalls of various debts) and largely ignore (or just, we don't talk about it) how late-stage capitalism has forced us into these positions of thrall for those who have managed to climb out of debt, in the same way that we watch biggest-loser-type of shows, that put the onus on the individual to do everything that our tax dollars have not (i.e. subsidized school lunch programs with healthy food, regulation of food-stuff chemicals, affordable higher education).

I've had, for most of my twenties, the unsettling sensation that I shouldn't actually be, say, pursuing a Mast…

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