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Opportunity and a Huge Paycut

Last month I was offered, for the first time in my adult life, a full-time, 9-5, position with benefits. I didn't say yes right away. When I heard how much they wanted to start me at (because "all entry levels positions start at 35k") I balked. That's poverty-level. That's ridiculous. I'm actually offended. I told them I would have to call back, I needed a moment, I wasn't sure if that was possible for me.

I said yes of course. I couldn't keep on bartending, hoping that my freelance income would eventually overtake my tips. I was tired, my back was fucked up, my neck was fucked up, my sleeping schedule was fucked up, and even though it's been wonderful to see the progress I've made financially albeit modest, the physical toll...

And let's consider the future. It's going to be difficult for the first three years. But the career track moves quickly (from what I've seen of postings for the next level in the department's hierarchy…

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